My Story

Nye's Isobel





Tattoos by Alan Dean & Sebastian

After three years with Brent I thought I would move to another local artist, namely Alan Dean.

Alan has done some fantastic work on me. He was given carte blanch to tackle each area as he saw fit but he was made aware that I was keen on wild life and erotic detail, hence I have a multitude of designs.

As I was going for complete coverage and Brent had only done a little work on and in the genital area, Alan tackled
this area first. He covered every accessible spot on my vulva and around it and it was a mammoth task for us both due to the flexibility of the skin in this area but once started I was adamant that no spot should be left without pigment in it.

Following this he tackled different areas ranging from legs, ankles bum, thighs, back and stomach plus he added some extra work on my breasts.

My favourite tattoo is a group of tigers on my stomach, which everybody agrees is fantastic.

The only areas which he could not make any significant impact on are the top of my feet and toes as I found the sensitivity just too much to bear, so I
travelled to London to get a tattooist and piercer, Mr Sebastian to do the work. I chose him as he had done some piercings for me with minimum discomfort and I knew he was a good artist. He covered my feet with no problem at all.

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